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Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology(Qian Lab)

Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology (Qian Lab) was founded in Feb. 2011. As an innovative “special region” of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), Qian Lab takes the China aerospace industry as background, and has been explored and reformed scientific research model. Orientated as a creative center, a research center, and an incubation center, Qian Lab has fulfilled the trinity innovation development system of “space architecture development strategy research, advanced system project research, and space technology applications research”. Firmly grasping the time and the opportunity of deepening reform and innovation-driven development, we have persisted the innovative idea of “respect and freedom, origination and tolerant, fair and the competition, integrity and responsibility”, and have committed to the development of a world influence space technology laboratory.

Qian Lab has actively explored a new “self-driving and self-management” mechanism during the course of innovation, and has created the “rapid and free innovation” research atmosphere. We are practicing the principal investigator (PI) management mode with unified responsibility and rights, and implement the mechanism of “funds self-management and control, research progress self-control, and internal issue discussion”, which can greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of the research staff and cultivate innovative ideas growing rapidly.

Qian Lab has explored the research-oriented innovative talent introduction mode, built team organization mode with the PI as the core of technical team, and has implemented the assessment system of academic peer review during the term of employment. Currently, Qian Lab has more than 150 full/ part time researchers, nearly 70 percent of who have doctorate degree. The Lab also employs dual-appointment academicians, adjunct research fellows, and college interns in order to integrate the community talent resourced vantage and to create talent open platform.

Qian Lab has conducted scientific research on many fields such as future-based space architecture development, space in-orbit service and maintenance, pulsar navigation, space solar power satellite and deep space probes. It has established research centres in information acquisition and processing technologies, micro-and nano-electronics technologies, material and mechanical technical, spatial thermal energy technology, and spatial quantum project technology for the implementation of applied basic research.

Qian Lab will provide strategic direction and suggestion for space development, contribute original systems ideas, and will lead the frontier technology progress in the future.

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